What We Do

Publicity: Custom traditional and non-traditional publicity campaigns for record releases, tours including long-lead press, national, local and regional print, online media and blogger promotions

Marketing: Campaign planning and execution, project management for record releases, tour promotions, direct-to-fan marketing capabilities, new media and social networking, online retail and promotional tools, street teaming, guerilla marketing.

Tour Promotions: We create groundswell buzz for artists on the road: publicity + radio + record stores + indie retail outlets. In addition to soliciting concert previews/reviews and inviting media and industry contacts to shows, we target lifestyle-based online media and indie retail outlets such as vintage and record stores, integrating the artist into the city’s local creative culture.

Lifestyle Marketing and Special Promotions: Introduce artists and their music to other areas of the band’s psychographic. Marketing that appeals to their personal activities, interests, and opinions including outreach to appropriate brands and designers, lifestyle-based press and non-profits. We can also brainstorm coordinate contesting and cross-promotions to garner non-traditional buzz around campaigns.

Events: Specialty in non-traditional event planning and execution, event promotion, talent booking, brand integration, music showcases, film premieres and record release parties.